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Article Highlight: Genetics for Kids

Genetics is the science of what makes you, you. Genetics explains why you have red hair like your dad, a wide smile like your mom, and long skinny legs like your Aunt Helen. You need a powerful microscope to… Keep reading »

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Boys looking at pond life in jar

Whether you are a budding botanist or learning about cell biology, studying and observing nature and life processes not only helps prepare you for more serious science, but is also important for understanding the world. Teachers and students alike will enjoy the activities and general questions that LoveToKnow's Life Science category offers, no matter where your study of life science takes you.

Life Processes

Learning the way living things work is the cornerstone of all other science studies. Life processes encompass everything from life cycles of various animals to microbiology - the study of the smallest living components. If you're wanting to know the basics, you came to the right place. Learn things like:

In the Lab

Experiments and activities in the lab help students grasp a better understanding of life science by helping them see how things literally work - either through real experiments or demonstrations. Make discoveries in various parts of life science with articles like:

  • 3 Simple Science Experiments with Plants, which walks you through unique experiments so you can learn more about plants.
  • Cell Cycle Activities that will teach you all about how cells divide and reproduce.

Learning All the Time

Whether you're in the lab doing an experiment or simply outside observing the natural world around you, life science is fundamental to the study of all of science.

Life Sciences