Life Science Basics and Experiments

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Boys looking at pond life in jar

Whether you are a budding botanist or learning about cell biology, studying and observing nature and life processes not only helps prepare you for more serious science, but is also important for understanding the world. Teachers and students alike will enjoy activities and general information provided by life sciences experts.

The Basics of Life Sciences

Have you ever wondered, "What are life sciences?" If so, these resources can help you identify what constitutes as a life science. Take a closer look at subjects such as biology and what it is. Then you can delve into the varying aspects of biology for more detailed information.

Explore Life Processes

Learning the way living things work is the cornerstone of all other science studies. Life processes encompass everything from life cycles of various animals to microbiology - the study of the smallest living components. If you want to know the basics, you came to the right place.

Have Fun in the Lab

Experiments, demonstrations, and activities in the lab help students grasp a better understanding of life science by showing you how things literally work. With life science activities you get the chance to see firsthand what small plants and animals look like on the inside and how their different systems work together to maintain life. Kids of any age can engage in science experiments with the help of a trusted and knowledgeable adult.

Learn About Life

Whether you're in the lab doing an experiment or simply outside observing the natural world around you, life science is fundamental to the study of all of science. Kids and adults of any age can enjoy explanations, lessons, and experiments incorporating life sciences.

Life Science Basics and Experiments