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Article Highlight: Electricity and Magnet Experiment

Electricity is everywhere in charged subatomic particles that you can't see with your naked eye. Though it is difficult to see, it is continuously flowing through wires all around you. Just like electricity,… Keep reading »

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Science Fair Project

One of the most daunting aspects of entering a science fair is finding a fantastic project. You need something that is interesting to you and that you can do well, but you also need something that hasn't been done a thousand times and answers a question or demonstrates a scientific principle. Never fear, LoveToKnow's Science Fair Projects category will not leave you hanging for a great project.

Science Experiments That Wow

Deciding what project to pick is half the battle in starting a stellar, award-winning science fair project. Whether you're into something that demonstrates a scientific principle, you want a project that answers a greater question, or you want something simple that uses everyday materials, this category has you covered. Learn about:

  • How popcorn pops or which brand pops the most kernels
  • Cool experiments you can do with candy
  • Projects that show or teach about the effects of smoking

How-To Projects

Of course, if your project involves making something to demonstrate a scientific principle, you can check out articles that teach things like:

  • How to make a solar charger for a USB out of an Altoids tin
  • How to make a battery using potatoes
  • How to make crystals

Win Your Science Fair

Whether you're a novice science fair participant or you've won the last three years, there is something for every level in the Science Fair projects category. Pick a winning project, learn how to put your project together, and most of all, learn how to answer scientific questions that you didn't know before.

Science Fair Projects