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Article Highlight: How to Make a Potato Battery

Think chemical energy is dull? Think again with this cool project that lets you turn a potato into a battery. The project is perfect for ages five and up, although younger children will need adult supervision… Keep reading »

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Science Fair Project

One of the most daunting aspects of entering a science fair is finding a fantastic project. You need something that is interesting to you and that you can do well, but you also need something that hasn't been done a thousand times and answers a question or demonstrates a scientific principle. Never fear, LoveToKnow's Science Fair Projects category will not leave you hanging for a great project.

Science Experiments That Wow

Deciding what project to pick is half the battle in starting a stellar, award-winning science fair project. Whether you're into something that demonstrates a scientific principle, you want a project that answers a greater question, or you want something simple that uses everyday materials, this category has you covered. Learn about:

  • How popcorn pops or which brand pops the most kernels
  • Cool experiments you can do with candy
  • Projects that show or teach about the effects of smoking

How-To Projects

Of course, if your project involves making something to demonstrate a scientific principle, you can check out articles that teach things like:

  • How to make a solar charger for a USB out of an Altoids tin
  • How to make a battery using potatoes
  • How to make crystals

Win Your Science Fair

Whether you're a novice science fair participant or you've won the last three years, there is something for every level in the Science Fair projects category. Pick a winning project, learn how to put your project together, and most of all, learn how to answer scientific questions that you didn't know before.

Science Fair Projects