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Electricity is everywhere in charged subatomic particles that you can't see with your naked eye. Though it is difficult to see, it is continuously flowing through wires all around you. Just like electricity,… Keep reading »

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Boy with Science Fair Project

Deciding what project to pick is half the battle in starting a stellar, award-winning science fair project. You need something that is interesting to you, hasn't been done a thousand times, and answers a question or demonstrates a scientific principle. Browse science fair project ideas to get inspiration for your own unique experiment.

Food Science Experiment Ideas

Playing with food can be fun and educational when you use what's in your pantry or fridge to showcase scientific concepts and methods.

Candy Science Experiments

Turn your leftover Halloween or Easter candy into a winning science fair project by looking at the treats from a new perspective. Candy science experiments can be exciting, like a Mentos and Diet Coke volcano, or colorful like separating the dye colors in Skittles. You can also use candy to demonstrate scientific processes such as showing osmosis through fun gummy bear science experiments.

Fun Snack Experiments

Simple snack foods can serve as the basis for a number of fun science fair projects. Experiments with popcorn have an element of surprise as the small kernels burst and cover topics such as temperature or states of matter. You can also turn your favorite dessert, ice cream, into a cool science project with a few simple steps. Explore measuring volume or freezing point depression with ice cream science projects.

Weather Science Experiment Ideas

You don't have to be a meteorologist to explore weather patterns and processes. Demonstrate how some of the world's strongest storms occur with easy weather experiment ideas.

Plant Science Experiment Ideas

Plants are some of the easiest specimen for kids to work with because they are so readily available outside and in stores. Plants do amazing things and science fair projects like these can really wow the crowd. Simple science experiments with plants include caring for a venus fly trap or seeing what effect caffeine has on plant growth. If chemical energy is your area of interest, demonstrate your skills by making a potato battery. Take your project to the next level by trying different types of potatoes or using fun colored and shaped light bulbs.

Win Your Science Fair

Whether you're a novice science fair participant or you've won the last three years, there are tons of project ideas for everyone. Pick a winning project, learn how to put your project together, and most of all, learn how to answer scientific questions that you didn't know before.

Science Fair Projects